In my haste to get my wife’s laptop back to her at her office, I neglected to carefully review the invoice for the work completed. When picking the machine up at your office today, I was actually surprised at the low amount you charged for servicing it. Given the quick turnaround and my past experience the few times I have met you and gained some knowledge of your business, it would not have occurred to me to question it regardless of how much it might have been.

While filing the invoice in my tax folder (shoebox!!!), I noticed your courtesy in the form of a $15.00 discount per David. I apologize for not seeing it while at your location and for not saying “thank you” in person. I am truly appreciative and a bit embarrassed at my belated thanks via E-mail.

Though I do not look forward to equipment failure and/or the need for service, I recognize it is a reality. I consider myself fortunate to have Hampton Computer available when the need arises for talent beyond my limited capabilities.

Have a great week – thanks again,

–John F. Connolly
Connolly & Associates – Consulting, LLC


To everyone at Hampton Computer, LLC:

May 25, 2002

We have been meaning to drop you a note of grateful thanks for all your help, advice, and patience in setting us up with our second hand laptop computer.

We’re the ones who wanted the laptop to use to write at camp as well as using the Internet from camp.

We are very, very pleased with everything so far. The Computer is doing exactly as we hoped.

However, the main reason we are writing is to say a special “Thank You” for having the patience to explain all the choices that were available to us…two computer illiterates. Your taking the time to demonstrate and explain meant a great deal.

Secondly, we were impressed by the fact Criss took the time to make a courtesy follow-up call. Even though that is good business practice it meant much to us.

I am sure we will be in touch with Hampton Computer, LLC. again in the future and we have already told others of how impressed we were.

Again many thanks and best wishes for the future.

Very sincerely,

–Betty J. and Wayne L. Elliott


Dear Dave,
As the owner of this company I write to you on a matter a great importance to the success or mediocrity of your enterprise.

In today’s busy, hectic times we seldom, if ever, take the time to recognize outstanding performance from people or company’s.

Recognition is the purpose of this letter.

First I want to establish that I have a small publishing business that I run from my home. I also do a significant amount of computer work related to the OLMM parish and the Holy Name Society. That said it confirms that I have a lot of on-time with my machine.

In May of this year my machine was infected with a Virus. I delivered it to your company at 2pm and was reinstalling it in my home at 6pm. Wow, fantastic service. Not only was the virus problem eliminated, my computer ran better than the day I initally turned it on. Hard to believe, I know, but that is the truth.

In the latter part of November I started being dropped off line at 4min., then 3 min., which progressed down to, I could not get online. Calls to my ISP resulted in some investigating that sermised that I had a phone line problem. The telephone company checked all the lines and confirmed that everything was OK. I then plugged my house phone to the computer phone jack and did complete a call. It therefore appeared that my phone line was OK.

I went back to my ISP, ran some more tests for them and the assumption was that my Modem must be the culprit. I purchased a new Modem and after installing it the machine still would not allow access to the internet.

Based on my past experience, in May, I delivered it to the wizards at Hampton Computer. Thirty minutes later I received a call saying the machine had been fixed and could be picked up.

After reinstalling it at my home I was disappointed to find hat it did not work.

This is where we separate the mediocre company’s from the great ones.

A call to your office confirmed that the machine worked on the technicians bench and after answering some questions you decided to send one of your representatives to my home to trouble shoot the problem. (my past experiences with other companies such as yours was that hey it worked fine on our bench testing you have some other kind of problem goodbye.)

Paul, your representative while at my home, checked literally everything without success until he plugged my phone into the computer jack…aha… no dial tone. (After what we had done before who would have believed that.)

The phone company was contacted and the next day a repair man called to confirm that he found a bad connection which eventually opened at the main switch panel on Drakeside Road. (it was not a computer problem after all)

The extra effort is what separates the men from the boys or the companies that you return to and openly recommend to others.

Thanks for doing whatever it took to get me back in business, I will never forget your dedication.

My sincere thanks to you and your team of professionals,

–George E. Glenfield